AVP Standards for Quality

Rebuilt VW Engines

You may think that all rebuilt engines are the same. Each shop does their rebuilts on a different level. You can do a rebuilt with as little as tearing down and cleaning parts, or a rebuilt with all new parts. You definitely get what you pay for. Finding the cheapest price for a rebuilt will in most cases not be to the benefit of the customer. We encourage customers to call and ask exactly what is going into their rebuilt.

Type 1, 2, 3

On all Type 1, 2, 3 engines the cases are align bored to ensure maximum accuracy. All AVP engines then get the full case inserted. This ensures that the head studs will not pull out of the case. All engines are built with heads that have bronze silicone guides, and correct valves to accommodate today?s fuel. In turn, the heads cool better and ultimately last longer. Also all Type 1, 2, and 3 engines come with reground crank, rods, cam, and lifters. All bearings are new, all new gaskets with the red silicone flywheel seal. All engines have new push-rod tubes, a new oil pump and a resurfaced flywheel. All engines come with brand new pistons and cylinders and new exhaust valves. Then they are extensively tested for a trouble-free engine.

Type 2, 4, and Vanagon

Vanagon, Type 2 and Type 4 engines get the case align-bored. They all get rebuilt crank, rods, cam, and lifters. New main, rod, and cam bearings, all new gaskets, and German flywheel seal. All heads get new seats, guides, and new exhaust valves, reground on the intake valves. Then all heads are step cut to take the unleaded, lower quality fuel of today. They all come with new pistons and cylinders. Then tested on the tester to ensure all specs are correct, and that the unit is ready to ship.

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