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AVP Worldwide Warranty



This engine is warranted to the original owner to be free under normal use from defects in the twelve (12) months from date of purchase or twelve thousand miles (12,000) whichever occurs first. Provided the warranty registration card is filled out and returned to AVP Worldwide within 45 days after purchase and provided a valve adjustment and oil change has been performed first at 300 miles and then at 1,000 miles and then at 3,000 mile intervals for the life of the engine. Buyer is responsible for proof of purchase and warranty check-ups.

All engines must use 92 octane gasoline as per VW recommendation.

Warranty is void if the warranty registration card is not filled out and returned within 45 days of purchase.

Warranty is non-transferable from original purchaser. A failure due to improper installation, overheating, incorrect timing, incorrect valve adjustment, insufficient oil, oil additives, or out right abuse etc. will not be honored. Warranty shall not apply to engines installed with non-stock or missing accessories on the engine or the car that in the determination of AVP Worldwide affected it’s performance or reliability.

Because overheating is caused by improper installation or incorrect adjustment or accessories which are out of our control, this engine is not warranted against damage resulting from overheating. This damage shows up as burnt pistons, seized rings or loose heads.

This warranty is limited to replacement or repair by AVP Worldwide of such engines that after our inspection are determined to be defective. This warranty is void if this engine is disassembled by the customer or his agent prior to warranty claim. AVP Worldwide does not assume any responsibility for towing charges, oil or time lost while the vehicle is out of use. The obligations assumed under this warranty are limited to replacement of parts and labor only as provided herein and are in lieu of all other obligations, warranties or guarantees expressed or implied.

Engine must be brought back in original state of purchase. Transportation cost at owners expense. 


Warranty is for PARTS ONLY

If you have questions about warranty information then please call us directly or email